• Gabe Bartalos will be honored this year at the University Art Museum at California State University, Long Beach. The exhibit titled "Gabe Bartalos: Abhorrence and Obsession" will showcase Gabe's work throughout his 20 year career in special effects. The opening night is September 7, 2013, with the exhibition running through December 8, 2013.
  • Gabe Bartalos' second feature film, Saint Bernard, is finishing up post-production. You can keep up to date on upcoming events at the film's Facebook page.
  • Gabe Bartalos and the Atlantic West Effects crew created four sculptures in collaboration with Dan Colen, one of 52 artists featured in the story-themed 12th Lyon Biennale, titled “Meanwhile, Suddenly…And then”.
  • Celebrity photographer Mark Seliger created an iBook for his 2013 album Kicker Town. Gabe Bartalos was one of 12 artists asked to create a music video to accompany the iTunes special release. Gabe directed, produced and edited the short film which features a foreboding, fairytale-like creature.